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Fibresafe NZ offer a range of mould testing and assessment services

Protect your health with Fibresafe NZ 's comprehensive mould and lead testing

Mould and dampness indoors are linked to a variety of health effects including both the
development and aggravation of asthma, respiratory infections including chest infections and bronchitis, coughing, sneezing, and eczema. Illnesses are often more serious in vulnerable individuals including the very young, the very old and those with pre-existing health conditions. 

Media attention has often focused on the danger of 'Black Mould'. However the reality is that assessing and controlling the risk associated with fungal growth in buildings can be complex. Fibresafe NZ can provide advice and guidance on if a mould assessment is necessary. If required, we undertake comprehensive mould assessments in accordance with international ASTM standard D-7338 Standard Guide for Assessment of Fungal Growth in Buildings.

Fibresafe NZ know how important health is and it all starts with a healthy environment. Contact us to find out what mould assessment services are available, and what the best option would be for you. As well as mould testing, Fibresafe NZ offers asbestos testingsoil testing for asbestos, and a range of professional asbestos services and training. Fibresafe NZ are IANZ Accredited. Contact us to find out more.
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Specialist mould assessment services

Moulds are widespread in the environment and it is not possible to eliminate complete exposure. There are no clear guidelines as to how much mould is considered to be safe to be around. Therefore, it is generally recognised as best to remove any visible mould when present indoors, and to fix the underlying issue to minimise the risk of damaging health effects on those who are regularly in the space where there is mould found.

For these reasons, Fibresafe NZ has developed a simple mould assessment service that is designed to provide all of the information you need to plan remediation, address your mould issue and create a safe and comfortable environment. Our specialist team of assessors can help you with any mould problem you may have.

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Standard Mould
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Intrusive Mould
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Black Mould
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Standard mould assessment - inspection, investigation and recommendations

A standard mould assessment involves a systematic inspection of a building to check for the presence of mould and moisture and, most importantly, to investigate the root cause – the course of moisture ingress into the building. In some circumstances, samples can be taken to confirm the existence of mould in the building, and recommendations will be made to help plan remediation to prevent reoccurrence in the future. In most cases a standard mould assessment should be the starting point if you suspect you might have mould issues. Please contact us today to discuss your mould issue, and how we can assist you. Our team of mould removal specialists are here to help.
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Intrusive Mould

Intrusive mould assessment - site specific checks in wall cavities etc

In some circumstances, a standard mould assessment may not be adequate as a service when trying to find the full extent of the mould issue. If a standard mould assessment has been unable to determine the presence and amount of mould seen, if there is evidence of concealed mould or moisture, or if you are looking to scope the full extent of mould for intentions of planning remediation, you may need an intrusive mould assessment.

An intrusive mould assessment involves checking concealed areas such as wall cavities that are not normally accessible for inspection or visibly seen. The scope of an intrusive mould assessment will depend on site-specific details and the purpose of the assessment. This type of mould testing is important, especially for leaking homes, as some mould that may be growing inside the wall cavities or other areas not able to be seen.
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Black Mould
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Black mould - Fibresafe NZ offer testing and remediation advice

There has been attention both in the media and on the internet about ‘black mould’. The terms ‘black mould’ and ‘toxic black mould’ refers to one or more species of the genus Stachybotrys. Stachybotrys and other ‘toxic black moulds’ usually occur inside building walls, and can cause illnesses and eve other moulds to grow. While there is a lack of scientific evidence for specific adverse health effects caused by black mould, the removal of indoor mould is still important to minimise adverse health issues.

Fibresafe NZ offers mould testing and other mould services to remove black mould, identify and solve any moisture ingress issues. You can find further information on mould in your home or business and some solutions for minor mould issues. Our team will discuss your mould issue with you and see what is the best solution for your situation. We will ensure that you get continual support during the process of mould testing, keeping you informed on what we find.

Fibresafe NZ can also test for substances like asbestos and lead. Choose Fibresafe NZ to ensure that you meet legal health and safety obligations for your building. 
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Lead testing by accredited professionals 

Lead can accumulate in the body over time after repeated exposure which can come from a range of sources including: lead-based paints or through lead-contaminated soil. Fibresafe NZ can test for lead in paint and soil and provide a report, and advice for what to do if lead contamination levels are high.

Lead-based paints were common in New Zealand homes pre 1980, so if you are planning any renovation work, it's wise to test any paint you will be stripping beforehand, as the dust from lead based paint can create a serious health hazard for the person doing the job, anyone in the home or building, and any next door neighbours and children. 
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