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Asbestos awareness training for workplaces, trades, and individuals - available nationwide including Wellington

Fibresafe NZ 's ITANZ NZQA accredited asbestos awareness workshops are designed to educate individuals about the dangers of asbestos exposure and how to safely manage it. Our workshops provide essential knowledge and practical guidance on identifying asbestos-containing materials, assessing risks, and implementing proper safety measures. With experienced instructors and the practical use of PPE and asbestos abatement tools and procedures, participants gain a deeper understanding of asbestos-related issues enabling them to protect themselves and others in various environments.

Fibresafe NZ also provides supervisor asbestos removal training courses. These courses encompass the key skills and knowledge required to supervise the safe removal of both friable and non-friable asbestos-containing materials.

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Fibresafe NZ offers comprehensive asbestos awareness training, accredited by ITANZ NZQA, accessible to workplaces, trades, and individuals New Zealand wide

  • Asbestos Awareness Training courses to minimise harm for individuals that may be exposed to asbestos-containing materials.
  • Courses incorporate practical PPE usage and asbestos abatement techniques for hands-on learning of safe working procedures.
  • All courses are facilitated by ITANZ in association with IMPAC Services Ltd which is a NZQA registered and accredited PTE.
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