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Wellington based Fibresafe NZ 's certified laboratory offers expert independent asbestos testing for samples taken across New Zealand

Asbestos bulk & air sampling and analysis for commercial and residential buildings

Fibresafe NZ 's experts routinely sample building materials and conduct air monitoring to determine asbestos content. Samples are analysed at our Wellington laboratory, or onsite using our mobile facility. If you prefer, you can take samples yourself and send to us for analysis. It is our primary aim to satisfy the technical expectations and requirements of our customers nationwide. We work hard to deliver our asbestos testing services in a timely and effective manner.

Some tips and general information is provided below, however please contact us if you would like additional information or guidance. An analysis request form can also be downloaded .
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Taking asbestos samples

Not all potential asbestos-containing materials need to be taken by a specialist asbestos surveyor, although Fibresafe NZ conduct surveying as a service. Taking your own samples of low-risk materials, such as cement boards, vinyl flooring and textured ceilings, can be a cheaper option.  When taking the samples yourself just make sure you stay safe while doing so...

  • Wear a face mask (P2 or P3 filter)
  • Double bag all samples
  • Wipe down all tools before sampling, and also wipe down tools and surfaces with wet wipes after sampling

  • Do not vacuum or sweep (use wipes instead)
  • Dispose of wipes as asbestos waste

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Vinyl Flooring
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Decramastic Roof Tiles

Asbestos tests for textured ceilings and walls

Because of the way that textured or decorative ceilings were originally applied, some areas may contain asbestos while others don’t. To ensure a clear result 3 to 5 different areas of a room should be scraped into to single sample bag.

  • Put down a drop sheet to collect any dropped bits
  • Wet each sample point with a misting spray before sampling
  • Gently scrape about three thumbnails of material into a sample bag
  • Encapsulate or seal sample points with paint or sealant
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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is often made with layers and can contain asbestos in three different product matrixes. Asbestos can be present in the top side of the vinyl that we walk on, it can also be present as backing paper underneath, or even the glue. While the top layer is usually a low risk material, the paper backing beneath is high risk if asbestos is present, so ensure you wear a respirator.

  • Wet the sample point with a misting spray before taking the sample
  • Use a sharp knife or chisel to cut a thumbnail sized sample
  • Get right down all the way to the floor and include the glue if you can
  • If there is paper backing or glue present, get that in the sample bag
  • Sample different looking vinyl flooring separately
  • Encapsulate or seal the sample point with paint or sealant.
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Cement Products
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Decramastic Roof Tiles

Cement products

Cement products on houses built before 2000 can contain asbestos. Often these materials can be found used for house soffits, claddings, window panels, gable ends, roofing sheets and internal wall linings.

  • Wet the sample point with a misting spray before taking the sample
  • Use a chisel or flathead pliers (like glass pliers), or use a wet wipe with serrated pliers, to put a piece at least the size of a thumbnail into a sample bag
  • Encapsulate or seal the sample point with paint or a sealant.
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Decramastic Roof Tiles

Decramastic Roof Tiles

Decramastic roofing tiles have a pebbly surface stuck to a metal roof sheet. If a decramastic roof contains asbestos, it will be in the bitumen layer keeping the pebble stuck to the metal. It is best to snip a piece off, about the size of a gold coin.

How to submit samples

  • Complete a Chain of Custody form. See below.
  • Ensure all samples are double bagged and clearly labelled.
  • Post your samples to us at PO Box 38504, Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt, 5045
  • Come and see us during normal business hours Monday to Friday at Level 1, 16 Armidale Street, Petone, Lower Hutt
Open Hours:
Our laboratory is open for asbestos analysis from 8:00am until 4:30pm

Testing costs

$69.00 per bulk asbestos sample
$115.00 per urgent bulk asbestos sample
$165.00 for a qualified asbestos surveyor to take an asbestos sample for you. Additional samples cost $60.00 each.

Pricing includes GST
Commercial clients are invited to contact us for further information about rates. 

Chain of custody

When submitting samples for asbestos testing, please download and complete our Chain of Custody form.

  • Make sure all samples are double bagged using ziplock bags or similar
  • Ensure all individual samples are clearly labelled and correspond to the information in the Chain of Custody form.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions (see below) before submitting samples.

Disposing of asbestos waste

All asbestos containing materials used during asbestos related work, such as sampling, that may have become contaminated with asbestos, this includes: 

  • Wipes
  • Coveralls
  • Disposable Masks
  • Disposable Coveralls.
If you have wet wipes you’d like to be disposed of, bring them in along with your samples in a separate ziplock bag and we will dispose of them for you.

Terms and Conditions

Please see our terms and conditions for lab analysis. You can download these below. 

Turnaround times

Typical turn around time for asbestos testing is 1-2 working days dependent on laboratory workload. Samples submitted with urgent priority (surcharges applicable) are prioritised and analysed as soon as possible, however no guaranteed timeframe is able to be provided. 

Air sampling and fibre counting

Air sampling requires specialist equipment and specific requirements must be met in order for fibre counting to be conducted. The laboratory undertakes air sampling and analysis in accordance with the Australian National Occupational Health and Safety Commission’s ‘Guidance note on the membrane filter method for estimating airborne asbestos fibres’ (NOHSC 3003:2005). The membrane filter method is the most widely used technique in assessing airborne respirable fibre in New Zealand. The testing involves sampling a known volume of air using as calibrated pump, with any airborne fibre collected captured by a membrane filter. The filter is then examined in the laboratory using a microscope, and the number of fibres present on the filter counted (hence the term ‘fibre-counting’). This allows us to estimate the concentration of fibres present in the air during the sampling period.

Contact us for further information if you require air testing or for further guidance.

Find out more about the types of testing done and their advantages and disadvantages and how to interpret asbestos test results.

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