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Wellington based Fibresafe NZ 's qualified asbestos assessors provide independent testing, consultancy, and training services New Zealand wide

Fibresafe NZ based in Lower Hutt, Wellington offer independent testing, training, and professional consultancy services New Zealand wide for predominantly asbestos, but we do carry out mould and lead testing as well. We work with commercial, government, and residential clients offering professional and accredited independent asbestos services. Whether you need to meeting legislative requirements for asbestos in your building, you want to test for asbestos in building materials or the soil, or you need asbestos training, Fibresafe NZ are the New Zealand asbestos experts. Our team are fully qualified and certified to carry out testing, surveying, clearance inspections, and training. 

Contact us to find our more about our extensive asbestos testing, consultancy, or training services. It's important to us to help you find practical solutions to any asbestos issues - talk to us to find out how we can help you.

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Laboratory Testing

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Professional Services

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Asbestos Training

Independent asbestos testing by Fibresafe NZ

After noticing that many of the same companies that test for asbestos are also in the business of removing it, we set out to provide an impartial alternative. Without independent testing, how can you really know the information you’re receiving is accurate? IANZ accreditation prohibits us from having any involvement in asbestos removal, which means you can be assured of unbiased advice and results. If asbestos is found in or around a building you own or manage, you’ll be thoroughly briefed of your options, and provided with a recommended course of action.

Testing services we offer are asbestos testing in buildings and materials, soil testing for asbestos, and mould and lead testing. When you engage Fibresafe NZ as your asbestos material testing company, you get the services of a highly professional team committed to working in your best interests. We work with clients throughout New Zealand, and our Wellington lab’s test results can be trusted for accuracy and reliability.
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Professional Services

Professional asbestos consultancy services from Fibresafe NZ

Fibresafe NZ offer a range of accredited professional asbestos consultancy services to clients New Zealand wide:
  • Asbestos surveying locates asbestos containing materials and the reports offered are management, refurbishment and demolition surveys depending on your requirements. 
  • Asbestos air monitoring conducts the highest-standard asbestos air sampling including clearance sampling and control monitoring.
  • Asbestos management plans are mandatory under the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations - Fibresafe NZ provide compliant management plans and offer online safekeeping of documentation as well as periodic reviews as required.
  • Asbestos removal clearance inspections use a certified process to ensure that an area where asbestos has been removed is fit for reoccupation.
  • Green Star accreditation - Fibresafe NZ offer independent assessment services for businesses wanting to gain Green Star accreditation.
Through the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS), all of our staff are internationally IP402 qualified in Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings, and are required to pass an international examination to assess competence. Asbestos Assessors are IP404 qualified for Air Monitoring, Clearance Inspections, and Reoccupation Following the Removal of Asbestos.
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Asbestos Training

Accredited courses from asbestos awareness to supervisor asbestos removal training

Fibresafe NZ offer a range of training courses with our qualified and experienced asbestos specialists. Asbestos awareness training is an online course to increase awareness around the dangers of asbestos, common products containing asbestos, and the use of PPE/RPE. Other courses are: BOHS IP402 - Surveying and sampling course, BOHS IP404 - Asbestos assessor course, A Class friable asbestos removal training, B Class non-friable asbestos removal training, and Supervisors asbestos removal training.

Fibresafe NZ  holds IANZ accreditation

IANZ is New Zealand’s leading accreditation partner. Fibresafe NZ is proud to be an organisation that holds IANZ accreditation. IANZ is a third-party accreditation body that holds independent assessments to ensure that our team is up to standard and confirms that we are maintaining effective technical and quality services. IANZ accreditation provides reassurance to you that our methods are independently audited, so you can have confidence in the quality of the services you receive, and the integrity of the people providing those services.
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Health and safety a main priority

Health and safety is extremely important to us at Fibresafe NZ . Whether it concerns the public or our team, we set the highest standards while engaging in our programme of continuous improvement. It is very clear that there are significant risks from the effects of asbestos. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable and qualified to the highest degree in working with asbestos. Our focus also includes those areas other than asbestos, to ensure we remain safe on your site. All staff are comprehensively trained and competent for working with hazards such as: working at heights, elevated work platforms, restricted spaces, confined spaces, and traffic management.

In order to keep our team thinking and talking about health and safety, we conduct regular ‘toolbox talks’ in conjunction with discussion and analysis of each site-specific risk. For larger jobs, we prepare a Site-Specific Safety Plan to ensure the whole team and our clients fully understand what risks to expect before entering the site. 

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